Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quilt Along update

Today is day 17 of the quilt along and I realized that I wasn't as far ahead as I hoped to be so I whipped 8 more out this morning. There are also some extras that I am not really a fan of how they turned out. They must have been done on an off day...

Seriously, what was I thinking here? I must have been distracted. (the bunch above)

I am at 22. Not bad but I need to get more ahead. Plus I have a quilt for a quilt swap I need to do this week before I have to pack up my sewing stuff. Plus Macy's Birthday quilt...

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  1. hey. i have no idea how i stumbled on to your blog but i cant seem to leave! you do such wonderful things! i love it! i was looking on the website store and here. do you do custom orders? do you do quilts for sale? just curious! my name is Kim. My blog is and my email is


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