Friday, May 22, 2009


Sorry I have been missing a lot lately. Life has been completely crazy with packing, finishing projects, preparing to do a big group sale of coupon organizers for (if you are interested in getting any organizers at a discount rate, leave a comment and I will get you the details), relearning how to ride a bike, closing on our Ghetto Fab new house today and dealing with crabby children. Crazy stuff, but here are some pics to give you a little more insight into what I have actually accomplished.

This is Macy's birthday quilt that I finally finished piecing and basting together. I started quilting it during nap time the other day but was having serious thread breaking issues so I decided to take a little break from that so I wouldn't throw my machine across the room... Maybe tomorrow I will attempt to take another crack at it. It has been interesting trying to make this quilt entirely during nap times because I haven't wanted Macy to see it at all. Hopefully she will appreciate it when she gets it on her third birthday. I can always count on her saying "Mom, it is sooo cute!" as she does whenever I complete (or start) a project, I love my little cheerleader.

I completed a few more blocks for my quilt along. I was way ahead at one point but now I am just barely breaking even... I guess I know what I should do after bed time tomorrow night.

And I have sold several coupon organizers so I have had to restock my etsy store, which is a fun job that I rarely mind doing :)
That is most of what has been happening around here! I haven't had much motivation to blog because I have been a wee bit overwhelmed with the whole moving into a project house thing (the house is a project- not in the projects) so wish us luck, and if anyone knows how to get some free or cheap house fixing supplies, let me know!

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  1. oh, I love the fabrics that you chose in the quilt! Yeah for getting soem sales in your etsy too :)


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